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Moritz Fromm

I'm crazy, I guess.


I'm just a lazy, queer and antifascist student doing stuff on the interwebs. When I'm not busy ranting over shitty German web-hosters1 I persuade people that I'm competent, gain access to their servers and use ansible to break them. When I'm done breaking stuff, python is another great programming language in my collection of tools to slaughter and write bad code. Besides that, I „can” do some PHP and web-dev stuff, sprinkled in between rudimentary sysadmin stuff. OpenSource, just like privacy, is a passion of mine, I spend some time creating and improving it and linux is my OS of choice (btw. I run arch but feel free to use the OS/WM/Software that fits best for you).

In social gatherings, I am at the wrong place. If you want to have a conversation I probably am not the ideal person, way to chatty whilst having to little to talk about.

Make me do something

If you have an interesting Project, why don't you hit me up? It's easy to get me fixed on something, whilst I can and (mostly) do make no promises about my long-term efforts, I'm always often down for some funny and fast projects.

If you, for no reason I can think of, badly want me to help with your servers, deployment of an office network, reinstalling your windows (or getting a brand new linux) or with anything else you think I may be helpful (Overall, due to my usage of google I can help with a bunch of stuff [maybe]) I am able for small side-gigs in exchange for money. If you want me, whilst I can't imagine any reasons thou, just drop an email as listed down below and let us have a chat.

Reach me

I'm best reachable via email at moritz [aet] moritz-fromm [döt] de (GPG: E375 60D6 2CEC 8B12 D263 B28B 9767 CFDD 10C4 FC71). Whilst it is no instant-messaging, I can work on your messages at my own pace and I don't feel comfortable having random strangers just show up beside private chats for initial contact.